George's Bio

George's Bio

Hey, I'm George! I'm a fourth generation Grecian American Entrepreneur from Wheeling, WV.

I grew up watching the peak of my father's career in Television, Magazine, Radio, Sports, Writing, and Music. I started making videos around age 10 and started in talk radio at age 14, gaining early experience in Audio/Visual, Public Speaking, Interview, and Podcasting.

In 2015 I began creating documentary films in my hometown to help tell the stories of businesses with cultural significance in my community to help preserve their legacy by presenting their brand image in its best light.

In 2016 I road tripped around the country and created the "Food World Culture" episodic documentary covering the history & families of about US restaurants from Ohio to Florida to California:

In 2017 I created the "Best 9 Restaurants of the Ohio Valley" for client WTOV9 for TV, continuing my travel/storytelling/documentary theme:

Since then I've served over 100 clients' video, event, and marketing needs. It has been fantastic to me to have the opportunity to work with so many talented and interesting people, and I am proud to carry on my own family legacy by telling the stories of others and their legacies.

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